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Services Beyond Packaging, Summer 2022 Newsletter

Technology Focus: Services Services Beyond Packaging: QP Technologies is known for offering a wide range of package types. We also provide a variety of semiconductor manufacturing services to meet your packaging and assembly requirements. These include wafer preparation (backgrinding, dicing, die sort and inspection), IC assembly processes for a variety of package types and materials, laser ... » read more

U.S. Chip Packaging With Mil-Spec Precision

Download this white paper to learn: How you can transform your plastic package dummies, test rejects, and excess inventory into ready-to-assemble components The value of an onshore solution for navigating around ITAR supply constraints The benefits from producing chip prototypes that are mechanically and electrically identical to future molded production parts Why Open-Cavity Plas... » read more

Durability And Cost Benefits Drive Mil-Aero Demand For OCPP

Ceramic packages were, for many years, the option of choice for semiconductor prototype assembly, particularly in military-aerospace applications. They are able to withstand high temperatures and can be hermetically sealed. However, they can be costly and, while they allow for rapid assembly of first samples, the final product is typically a plastic package, so the ceramic prototype doesn’t o... » read more