Custom Substrates Save Assembly Time, Resources

Custom substrates for prototype development and production, particularly for SSD’s, power and RF devices.


Time-to-market (TTM) and performance are two of the most pressing issues in chip design and manufacturing. Designing devices for high-speed, high-performance applications requires immediate access to substrates so that product development can proceed quickly. Quick substrate access is also vital to validating intellectual property (IP) cores used in application-specific ICs (ASICs) – all of which helps enable customers to meet their TTM demands. Key applications driving this demand include power amplifiers and high-speed devices such as SerDes chips used in today’s solid-state drives (SSDs). These applications increasingly have unique requirements, and for some markets, materials be obtained from U.S.-based providers. This heightens the importance of semiconductor ecosystem suppliers achieving ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance. These challenges can create significant barriers for companies needing quickly available substrate solutions for their device designs.

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Fig.1: Custom-developed FR-4 substrate containing 120 chip-on-board (CoB) devices. Source: QP Technologies, Promex Industries.

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