Automotive Safety: Having The Right Product Portfolio In Place

Navigating safety and ISO 26262 in automotive design with compliant tools.


Changes are happening in almost every aspect of automotive technology, although the main thrust can be encompassed in three megatrends. In the future, vehicles will be increasingly connected, and therefore cybersecurity protection is becoming more and more important. e-mobility will be a major contributor to CO2 reduction, resulting in the need for high-power semiconductors. And automated driving will require more complex components to support safety-rated applications.

Safety is a prime consideration in all vehicles, and a primary driver for greater automation, thereby removing reliance on the leading cause of accidents—the driver. For many years now, ISO26262 has been the leading standard setting out requirements and guidance on what a product has to achieve in order to be used in an automative safety application.

By Infineon Technologies Munich AG:

  • Robert Hierlwimmer – Senior Director Functional Safety Management
  • Ole-Kristian Skroppa – Lead Principal Product Definition Engineer
  • Steve Gross – Principal System Application Engineer

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