Blog Review: Aug. 27

Mike Splinter takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; lithography at 10nm; mechanical stress; ‘just enough’ virtual prototyping; LPDDR4 standard.


In the spirit of making a positive social contribution, and to recognize employees for their contributions to the local community, Applied Materials’ chairman Mike Splinter accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Nice job, Mike!

With development work underway on the 10nm process node, and questions about getting there with conventional lithography, Cadence’s Richard Goering invites us to listen to IBM’s Lars Liebmann discuss the fact that we will get there — with a great deal of collaboration between foundries, EDA providers, and semiconductor IP suppliers.
At the same time, Brian Fuller, also at Cadence talks more about IBM from a historical perspective.

Mentor Graphics’ Shelly Stainaker discusses managing your stress. No, not your work/life stress silly! Mechanical stress, of course! A new publication on mechanical stress in ICs, co-edited by Valeriy Sukharev, Principal Engineer for Calibre R&D, has just been released.
Dennis Brophy at Mentor Graphics reminded that the ever popular Accellera Design & Verification Conference held annually in Silicon Valley is going global, if you didn’t know already.

Synopsys’ Tom De Schutter wonders what does, “just about enough” mean in the context of software development and virtual prototyping.

Meanwhile, Graham Allan, also at Synopsys marvels at how fast JEDEC published the LPDDR4 standard.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff discusses the need for cryptographic security in his blog post the Enigma-CryptoManager Connection. Very, very interesting.

Ghiath Al kadi at NXP discussed the pilot NFC Academy project that has just achieved two major milestones. This is all about near field communications.

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