Blog Review: Dec. 18

Looking up; social learning; command and conquer; greeting cards; popular blogs; R&D funding gap; predictions.


Cadence’s Brian Fuller looks back at electronics innovation this past year from the perspective of a 2012 event—with a heavy emphasis on going vertical in both chip architectures, transistors and in business. Things are looking up, sort of.

Mentor’s Colin Walls finds social media is getting much more interesting. As proof, he’s joined a discussion about embedded C programming and storing the value of a pointer. This is a lot different than the kinds of discussions you’ll find on most sites. But will engineers ever break down and use their real names?

Synopsys’ Mick Posner counts up the capabilities to FPGA prototypes and wraps it up with a market survey. But more important, he has created a toy command module that is capable of controlling the entire planet.

Real Intent’s Graham Bell has pulled together a retrospective of news, future directions, and a holiday greeting card. Remember the days when you actually used to receive Christmas cards in the mail?

Cadence’s Richard Goering does his own blog review, this one a retrospective of the top 10 most popular blog posts for 2013. Topping the list is TSMC’s progress report in 20nm, 16nm and 3D-IC technologies.

And in case you missed last week’s Manufacturing & Design Newsletter, here are some standout blogs:

Mark LaPedus writes that for years, the semiconductor equipment industry has been dealing with an R&D funding gap. So how do we solve that problem?

– Cadence’s Brian Fuller observes that in the period of a year the semiconductor industry has transformed into something completely different.

– Semico Research’s Adrienne Downey predicts CapEx is expected to be flat this year, up slightly in 2014.

– And in a contrasting viewpoint, SEMI’s Lara Chamness paints a more optimistic future: Sales are down 13.3% this year, but she’s expecting a 23.2% uptick in 2014.

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