Blog Review: Feb. 1

Mixed-signal verification tradeoffs; autonomous car quandaries; the cost of free; what’s driving growth.


Synopsys’ Anand Thiruvengadam investigates the challenges and tradeoffs that come with different abstraction models and use models in mixed-signal verification.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan highlights 16 big questions facing autonomous cars, from a presentation by Andreessen-Horowitz’s Frank Chen.

Mentor’s Colin Walls says that when it comes to free stuff, keep an eye out for the real cost.

Lam President and CEO Martin Anstice shares his thoughts on demand for semiconductors and what will drive growth in a video interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Silexica’s Kumar Venkatramani digs into software development for heterogeneous, multicore architectures.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff considers an increasingly cashless economy.

ARM’s Michael Williams and Will Deacon provide a high-level overview of the Statistical Profiling extension for ARMv8.2 and why to use it.

In a video, Cadence’s Scott Jacobson describes the birth and formative years of Ethernet.

Synopsys’ Harshad Janorkar points out ten best practices for software security.

Plus, check out the featured blogs from last week’s System-Level Design newsletter:

Editor in Chief Ed Sperling digs into the impact of hiring restrictions for the semiconductor industry.

Technology Editor Brian Bailey observes that understanding prejudices is critical to building intelligent systems.

Cadence’s Frank Schirrmeister finds a bright future for hardware and software working in unison.

OneSpin Systems’ Dave Kelf looks at the requirements for ISO 26262 and DO-254 and how to meet them.

Synopsys’ Tom De Schutter compares prototyping to Harry Potter’s world.

Mentor Graphics’ Andrew Caples highlights the importance of communication protocols in industrial systems.

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