Blog Review: Feb. 12

Choices; circular logic; origami; niches; rechargeable cockroaches; talking cars; business travel; communication; party pics.


Mentor’s Colin Walls adds his perspective to a recent survey by Jim Turley, asking which part of the embedded system development process engineers would rather not change. The choices were the chip, the OS and the tools. Any guesses as to the winner?

Cadence’s Richard Goering conducts an interview based on a new branch of circular logic—the CERN supercollider where the Higgs Boson was discovered. The amount of electronics involved in this project is mind-numbing.

Synopsys’ Mick Posner has created an origami version of an FPGA prototyping board. This gives a whole new meaning to semiconductor design. The pictures are worth a thousand lines of code.

ARM’s Stefan Rosinger points to a new performance point in the middle range of mobile computing. The goal is to fill every niche possible.

Semico Research’s Michell Prunty has unveiled part two of her blog on terrifying robots. This one involves a fuel cell inside a cockroach. Well, that should keep them scurrying around longer.

Mentor’s John Day examines the U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s announcement about vehicle-to-vehicle communications requirements. This should boost demand for sophisticated electronics.

Cadence’s Paula Jones has to explain to her friends why Barcelona isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe it is, if you can get out of the convention center.

When you’re at a stoplight and you hear an engine revving next to you, what crosses your mind? Michael Ford thinks about software and PCB design. This may help illustrate why hardware-software communication is still a challenge.

Semico Research’s Adrienne Downey has been using her phone for panoramic party photos. Next time you see a phone dancing around in front of you at a party, run away.

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