Blog Review: Feb. 15

Emulation growth; hardware designer’s role; software vulnerabilities; OpenFog; nation-state cyberattacks.


Mentor’s Jean-Marie Brunet looks at factors driving the growth of hardware emulation for SoCs.

Cadence’s Dave Pursley asserts that the role of hardware developers is about to change for the better.

Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi says that major software vulnerabilities are becoming less frequent, in spite of hype surrounding named bugs.

ARM’s Rhonda Dirvin discusses the release of the OpenFog reference architecture and what it promises for IoT deployment.

Microsoft president Brad Smith warns of the dangers of nation-state cyberattacks and the need for a Digital Geneva Convention.

Ansys’ Thierry Marchal explores the heart, and love, on Valentine’s Day.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff notes a ransomware attack against computer systems operated by the government of Licking County, Ohio.

NXP’s Thomas Lorbach argues for sub GHz RF networks to boost the growth of smart meters.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan presents highlights from the second embedded neural network symposium, including what it will take for deep neural networks to be successfully implemented.

Mentor’s Jeff Miller highlights the role analog-to-digital converters play in space telescopes.

And don’t forget the blogs featured in last week’s Low Power-High Performance newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling argues that adapting engineering organizations to deal with power and security is as complicated as the technology they’re developing.

Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mutschler finds that formal technology is moving well beyond its original verification role.

Ansys’ Sankar Ramachandran contends that getting the design right the first time has higher stakes than ever before.

Synopsys’ Richard Solomon examines what’s new in PCIe 4.0 and why you should start working with it now.

Rambus’ Frank Ferro observes that high-bandwidth memory is gaining momentum in server and networking systems as designers move higher bandwidth closer to the CPU.

ARM’s Jon Taylor looks at how virtualization can help meet safety goals in embedded systems.

Mentor Graphics’ Russell Klein recounts a strange tale from the forest, adding that when something out of the ordinary happens, you want to go back and have a closer look.

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