Blog Review: Feb. 17

3D-IC chasm; cybersecurity goals; software-driven verification; getting to 5G; fusion milestone; IoT test chip; NFC clothes; 3D PCBs; verification completeness.


While there have been successes for 3D-IC, the technology has stalled trying to move into the mainstream market, says Mentor’s Michael White. So what has kept it from crossing the chasm?

Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi takes a look at the US government’s latest efforts towards improving cybersecurity.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan discusses the importance of software-driven hardware verification and the challenges and advantages of the technologies to tackle it.

Exactly what is 5G? It depends on who you talk to, says Altera’s Ron Wilson, but it’s possible to reconcile the expectations of various groups into a set of specific technology milestones.

The future is looking bright for fusion power with the latest milestone from China’s experimental reactor. Plus, better racing bikes, cheaper cars, and singers in zero gravity make this week’s top picks from Ansys’ Bill Vandermark.

ARM’s Liam Dillon presents the creation process of the company’s Beetle proof of concept platform for the IoT, plus what the team’s been working on since TechCon.

With the World Economic Forum estimating that 10% of people will wear clothes connected to the internet by 2025, NXP’s Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw tries on how brands might utilize NFC-enabled fashion.

How do you fit a PCB into a Peacekeeper missile? Mentor’s Vern Wnek recalls his first introduction to creating 3D models for PCBs.

Cadence’s John Brennan explores what it means to reach verification completeness and the approach taken by his company’s methodology.

And don’t miss last week’s highlighted blogs from the Low Power-High Performance newsletter:

Editor in Chief Ed Sperling finds the jury is still out about how widespread the most advanced packaging approaches will become.

Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mutschler contends that current technologies need to continue evolving to meet the needs of complex embedded systems.

Synopsys’ Srikanth Jadcherla compares cooking to chip design.

ARM’s Brian Fuller looks at what it takes to succeed in the burgeoning automotive market.

Mentor Graphics’ Ellie Burns digs into the new IEEE 1801 standard and what you need to know about it.

Ansys’ Binu Abraham describes a methodology for power noise and reliability closure for advanced SoCs.

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