Blog Review: Jan. 29

PCB layout; DTCO at 3nm; human-device interaction.


Mentor’s Shivani Joshi introduces the basics of PCB layout and the importance of being familiar with a manufacturer’s specs.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan takes a look at why Design Technology Co-Optimization is increasingly necessary as 3nm approaches and new transistor types like CFET and gate-all-around are on the horizon.

Synopsys’ Sai Karthik Madabhushi recounts an alarming incident that highlights the importance of functional safety and exhaustive verification of complex automotive systems.

SEMI’s Nishita Rao chats with Mike Wiemer of Mojo Vision about the future of human interaction with mobile devices and why the next mobile computing platform needs to promote human-centric engagement.

Arm’s Ben Gainey explains how Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer supports profiling using the Statistical Profiling Extension (SPE), an optional extension to the Armv8.2-A architecture that allows low probe effect hardware sampling of the pipeline of the processor.

ANSYS’ Susan Coleman notes the importance of giving students access to industry-grade simulation tools to fully prepare them for using them in corporate environments.

Intel’s Jane McEntegart shares highlights from AI Week in Israel, including how the company is using AI, what happens after an AI model is deployed, and possibilities for treating Parkinson’s disease.

Plus, check out the blogs featured in last week’s Manufacturing, Packaging & Materials newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling predicts why chiplets will have deep and lasting effects for the entire semiconductor industry, in Is This The Year Of The Chiplet?

Applied Materials’ Regina Freed warns that meeting critical challenges like transistor performance, interconnect resistance and capacitance, and reliability will require more than just EUV, in AI And Big Data Set To Reinvent Semiconductor Industry.

SEMI’s Walt Custer finds that while the predictable seasonal winter slowdown is underway, early signs point to a recovering business cycle, in Semiconductor Equipment Growth Resumes For 2020.

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