Blog Review: Jan. 6

IoT security and regulation; IEC 61508 tool certification; AI benchmarks.


In a video, Synopsys’ Tim Mackey and Laurie Carr discuss the most substantial threats to today’s IoT devices and what considerations IoT manufacturers need to keep in mind as they release new products, plus the role governments should play in IoT regulation.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan explains the recent breach caused by a hacked update of SolarWinds’ network management software and what experts think can be done about it.

Siemens EDA’s Jake Wiltgen explores how ISO 26262 certification packages can be leveraged to satisfy tool certification requirements in the IEC 61508 functional safety standard.

Arm’s Dylan Zika points to the necessity of standard benchmarks for AI and the efforts by MLCommons to establish benchmarks, datasets, and best practices to push AI innovation.

Ansys’ Susan Coleman profiles Lumitron Technologies, a startup designing a new X-ray technology that combines accelerators with lasers to create higher energy, higher resolution X-ray beams that might be used simultaneously for imaging and treatment.

SEMI’s Olivier Corvez shares what the organization’s COVID-19 Environment, Health and Safety group is doing to help member companies establish safe polices and procedures.

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