Blog Review: Jan. 9

Next interconnects; FPGA verification effort; password problems.


Cadence’s Paul McLellan considers the challenges facing copper interconnects as resistance gets harder to deal with and the pros and cons of potential replacement materials.

Mentor’s Harry Foster digs into how FPGA design and verification engineers spend their time, and why the time designers spend designing has increased.

Synopsys’ Taylor Armerding contends that the way we use passwords is inherently insecure and that it’s time to replace them with a new method of user authentication.

ANSYS’ Robert Harwood looks at what’s holding back self-driving cars and argues that simulation is the way to improve the safety testing process.

SEMI’s Cherry Sun finds that AI is renewing the semiconductor industry and promises to drive growth across the globe in all industries.

Arm’s Steve Roddy explains the neural network software framework Arm NN, an open-source project to provide a common interface for all edge hardware types.

Nvidia’s Isha Salian provides a guide to choosing between the growing numbers of deep learning frameworks and a brief description of the most popular ones.

Intel’s Anna Bethke shares points to a growing awareness and focus on ethical issues in AI and ML at the recent NeurIPS conference.

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