Blog Review: Nov. 2

Language trends; where USB belongs; virtualization; TechCon; R&D importance; self-driving beer; smartkeys; mobile payments.


Mentor’s Harry Foster digs into the trends in ASIC/IC languages and libraries, in the latest installment of the Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study.

High power and voltage requirements mean that the USB Type-C Port controller and Power Delivery blocks do not belong in the SoC, says Synopsys’ Michael Posner.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan digs into hypervisors and how virtualization works.

ARM’s Stephanie Usher has a rundown of the major happenings at ARM TechCon, days one, two, and three.

The White House’s John P. Holdren stresses the importance of investments in semiconductor R&D and the necessity of developing new computing architectures.

There may be more moons in the solar system than we thought, in this week’s top five tech picks from Ansys’ Tom Smithyman. Plus, self-driving beer and the Hyperloop.

NXP’s Rainer Lutz considers the role of smartkeys as a complimentary technology to wearables and whether they can carve out their own niche.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff discusses the future of mobile payments and a new retail experience.

Cadence’s Anton Klotz checks out what’s new in open source hardware with a visit to ORCONF, the OpenRISC conference.

In light of the recent major DDoS attack, Mentor’s Colin Walls has some thoughts on how an embedded developer could mitigate possible attacks.

What happened to the European Mars lander? Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi says its crash may have been caused by a software glitch.

China’s innovation and technology uptake are at an all-time high, contends ARM’s Freddi Jeffries, who looks at why the country is so much quicker with new and emerging tech.

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