Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Internet of Things The Wing unit of Alphabet this summer will begin making drone deliveries in the Vuosarri district of Helsinki, Finland. The unmanned aerial vehicles will bear food and other items from Herkku Food, a gourmet market, and the Café Monami restaurant. The drones will bear deliveries of up to 3.3 pounds over distances of up to 6.2 miles. Comcast is reportedly developing an in... » read more

Blog Review: Jan. 11

Mentor's Ron Press examines why test hasn't become a bottleneck in creating ever more advanced semiconductors. Synopsys' Graham Etchells warns that while finFET technologies have been successful, challenges persist. Cadence's Paul McLellan shares a behind-the-scenes look at developing the Palladium Z1 emulator. The White House's Craig Mundie and Paul Otellini highlight a PCAST report o... » read more

Blog Review: Nov. 30

Cadence's Paul McLellan presents a three-part series on the future of EDA, with insights from both academia and industry. Mentor's Harry Foster focuses on power management trends in ASIC design, in the latest installment of the 2016 Wilson Research Group verification study. Plus, what aspects of power are verified and how designers describe power intent. Synopsys' Robert Vamosi reports th... » read more

Blog Review: Nov. 23

Mentor's Brian Derrick argues that both designers and ecosystems are changing to leverage advances in sensing technology at the edge of the IoT. Cadence's Paul McLellan listens in on a DVCon Europe keynote by NXP's Jürgen Weyer on what automotive is learning from mobile and where the big challenges lie. Synopsys' Tumuluri SantoshaLakshmi talks about seven of the biggest challenges in JED... » read more

Blog Review: Nov. 2

Mentor's Harry Foster digs into the trends in ASIC/IC languages and libraries, in the latest installment of the Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study. High power and voltage requirements mean that the USB Type-C Port controller and Power Delivery blocks do not belong in the SoC, says Synopsys' Michael Posner. Cadence's Paul McLellan digs into hypervisors and how virtualizati... » read more

Blog Review: Aug. 3

Mentor's Andrew Macleod presents three hours of highlights from this year's IESF automotive conference in Detroit with topics from making cars more affordable to reaching an efficiency of 54.5 MPG. Cadence's Paul McLellan checks out the state of the smartphone landscape now that consolidation in the market seems to be complete at the Linley Mobile Conference. Synopsys' Eric Huang consider... » read more

Blog Review: June 29

Ansys' Justin Nescott checks out the world's first electric highway for trucking in this week's top five tech picks. Plus, some cool houses, Boston Dynamics' giraffe-bot, and a drum kit in a backpack. Applied's Matt Cogorno takes a look at the challenges facing etch methods as devices keep getting smaller. Synopsys' Apoorva Mathur digs into the energy efficient aspects of the MIPI M-PHY a... » read more

Blog Review: Feb. 10

You could be flying on a hybrid plane that uses hydrogen fuel cells in the future, and might even be able to hear the loudspeaker announcements while waiting for the flight, in this week's top tech picks from Ansys' Justin Nescott. Plus, smart soccer balls. Thermal is the new power, argues Cadence's Paul McLellan, and when it comes to SoCs treating thermal analysis as an afterthought is no l... » read more

Obama Delivers Unique State-of-the-Union Speech

By Jamie Girard On Jan. 12, President Obama delivered his eighth and final State of the Union Address to the nation. The speech is closely watch by many to signal the intent of the commander-in-chief for the coming year, but this time President Obama broke from tradition in focusing grander themes rather that specific programs. While it was decidedly a different approach to the normal laundr... » read more

Blog Review: Dec. 9

From spring-loaded knees to modular planes to a two-seater drone, there's a new world of transportation in this week's top engineering and technology picks from Ansys' Justin Nescott. As for disappearing worlds, check out the sun-like star getting eaten by a black hole. Cadence's Paul McLellan takes a look back at archaic terminology and even older standards, with a brief history of Calma to... » read more

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