Blog Review: June 29

Electric highway; etch challenges; M-PHY and D-PHY efficiency; the cloud’s future; making art; AI; verification for kids.


Ansys’ Justin Nescott checks out the world’s first electric highway for trucking in this week’s top five tech picks. Plus, some cool houses, Boston Dynamics’ giraffe-bot, and a drum kit in a backpack.

Applied’s Matt Cogorno takes a look at the challenges facing etch methods as devices keep getting smaller.

Synopsys’ Apoorva Mathur digs into the energy efficient aspects of the MIPI M-PHY and D-PHY specifications.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan looks to the future of the cloud, finding ARM’s place in the server space and China’s growing power in datacenters.

Mentor’s John McMillan has a teardown of Pixmob devices – colorful, flashing wristbands supplied to attendees of some big entertainment events – and how they’re controlled.

Altera’s Ron Wilson digs into what it might take to secure the IoT.

Coventor’s Dominique Altamari shows how the grand prize winner of DAC’s first art show, a 3D model of a 14nm finFET, was made.

If you’d like to give the White House your thoughts on the direction it should take on artificial intelligence, the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Ed Felten is asking for public input.

Independent blogger Gaurav Jalan has another trick up his sleeve when it comes to explaining verification to kids, this time with the “Finding Dory” movie.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff gets into the mechanics of the company’s Lensless Smart Sensors.

ARM’s Darren Cepulis gives a first look at Fujitsu’s plans for Japan’s next supercomputer.

NXP’s Kyle Fox shows off how interactive screens can use facial recognition to dynamically change its content.

Plus, check out the blogs highlighted in last week’s Manufacturing, Design & Test newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling argues that the next couple nodes will redefine the semiconductor industry.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus talks with RF chip giant Qorvo about next-gen networking deployment.

Technical Editor Katherine Derbyshire drills down into thermal issues in advanced packaging and their effect on reliability.

Mentor Graphics’ Jonathan Muirhead and Geir Eide look at how to improve current and future yield ramp.

Coventor’s Aurélie Juncker examines how collaboration leads to research advancements.

Semico Research’s Rich Wawrzyniak observes that as complexity grows, so does the momentum for integrating more IP blocks.

FlexTech’s Michael Ciesinki digs into expanding partnerships to enhance global platforms and government advocacy.

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