BMS: The Guardian Of Battery Health And Security

Advancements in battery management systems pave the way for safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting batteries.


In our increasingly digital and energy-dependent world, batteries have become a vital component in powering our devices and vehicles. From smartphones to electric cars, the performance and safety of batteries are paramount. To ensure their optimal operation and longevity, a key player comes into the spotlight: the Battery Management System (BMS). In this article, we will explore the essential role of the BMS, its various components, and how they work together to protect, monitor, and balance battery cells.

The battery protection unit

At the core of the BMS lies the Battery Protection Unit (BPU). Its primary purpose is to safeguard the battery against failure conditions that could compromise its integrity or performance. This critical unit employs MOSFETs and gate drivers, acting as a defense mechanism against potential hazards. By continuously monitoring the battery’s voltage, current, and temperature, the BPU ensures that the battery operates within safe limits, preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating. Infineon has a wide range of families for battery protection unit solutions, such as OptiMOS, StrongIRFET, and EiceDRIVER.

The battery control unit

Working hand in hand with the BPU, the Battery Control Unit (BCU) takes charge of managing information from individual battery cells. Equipped with microcontrollers, the BCU collects and analyzes data to provide essential parameters such as State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH). These values serve as valuable indicators for users, giving them insights into the battery’s capacity and overall health. Moreover, the BCU plays a crucial role in security and authentication, adhering to the battery passport regulation. It ensures that each battery is secured, tracked, and complies with the necessary standards, maintaining a comprehensive record from manufacturing to end-of-life. All this information is efficiently stored and updated in a cloud platform, facilitating easy access and analysis. Infineon has developed a diverse array of BCU solutions, housed within various family packages such as PSoC, AURIX, OPTIGA, ISOFACE, AIROC, SEMPER.

The battery monitoring and balancing unit

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of battery cells, the Battery Monitoring and Balancing Unit (BMBU) takes center stage. This unit, consisting of specialized integrated circuits (ICs) combined with Small Signal FETs, monitors individual cells within the battery pack. By continuously assessing voltage levels and other vital parameters, the BMBU ensures that each cell remains balanced and charged at the same voltage level. Balancing helps prevent capacity disparities between cells, reducing the risk of premature failure and maximizing the overall capacity and lifespan of the battery. Infineon has products like TLE9012TLE9015, and Small Signal FETs that are used for battery monitoring and balancing.


The BMS serves as the brain of a battery, diligently overseeing its health, performance, and security. With the Battery Protection Unit acting as a guardian against failure conditions, the Battery Control Unit providing valuable information and ensuring compliance, and the Battery Monitoring and Balancing Unit optimizing cell performance, the BMS plays a vital role in maintaining battery integrity.

As technology continues to evolve, the importance of the BMS becomes even more pronounced. The advancements in battery management systems pave the way for safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting batteries. These systems not only benefit individual users but also contribute to the larger goal of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Whether you are using a portable device or relying on electric vehicles, the unseen heroes working within the BMS silently safeguard your battery’s well-being. The next time you charge your phone or take an electric ride, remember the BMS working behind the scenes, ensuring a reliable and secure power source for your needs.

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