Bottoms Up: Arranging Nanoscale Particles On A Silicon Chip (Or Other Materials) Without Damage


A new research paper titled “Nanoparticle contact printing with interfacial engineering for deterministic integration into functional structures” was just published by researchers at MIT.

“This approach allows you, through engineering of forces, to place the nanoparticles, despite their very small size, in deterministic arrangements with single-particle resolution and on diverse surfaces, to create libraries of nanoscale building blocks that can have very unique properties, whether it is their light-matter interactions, electronic properties, mechanical performance, etc.,” said Farnaz Niroui, Assistant Professor of EECS at MIT and senior author on a new paper describing the work in this MIT news article. “By integrating these building blocks with other nanostructures and materials we can then achieve devices with unique functionalities that would not be readily feasible to make if we were to use the conventional top-down fabrication strategies alone.”

Find the technical paper here.

Zhu et al., Sci. Adv.8, eabq4869 (2022) 26 October 2022.


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