Bringing Together The Physical, Digital Worlds

Some approaches are coming to light to address the opportunities in the IoT/Cloud.


With IoT and the Cloud exploding as the next big thing, engineering teams around the world are still scratching their heads as far the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of this genre that in many cases, leverages a good bit of existing technology reimagined in a new way. Of course, security underpins it all.

The ‘what’ is really limitless, and actually, much of the ‘how’ is too given that the first must be more fleshed out to define the ‘how.’

Still, the amount of activity in ‘IoT’ is staggering from security, chip and board solutions from companies like NXP to ‘starter kits’ from the likes of ARM — both of which are well placed to understand market dynamics given their positions in embedded applications. And with the merger of NXP and Freescale, a number of industry watchers are in agreement of the synergies between the companies in the IoT, automotive and other segments.

A reasonable approach to IoT design — for now — seems to be one that includes a combination of a secure sensor environment with cloud-based analytics, mobile and application resources in order to make it possible to do fast prototyping of new products and services.

It will be interesting to see how things evolve from this starting point.

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