Building The Highway To Automotive Innovation

Differentiation is key in the rapidly evolving automotive sector.


The semiconductor industry has changed and nowhere is this more visible than in the automotive industry. Global chip shortages have highlighted how dependent we are on silicon to keep cars on the roads. These shortages are also keeping wait times for new vehicles at an all-time high.

Add to this an influx of non-traditional players into the market and it’s easy to see why the automotive sector is arguably the hottest in the tech world right now. A new marketplace in automotive innovation and technology is taking shape with a battleground between existing pillars, tech giants, and new business models. The ability to differentiate in this market is the key to success, bringing subtly different needs and requiring solutions with a different approach.

The electronics needs of the car are changing but always come back to compute

Two things are fundamentally changing in the automotive industry: the concept of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and the need for democratizing innovation at design level. This transition from hardware to software unlocks new services and solutions for car manufacturers, enabling the delivery of updates and upgrades over the air for a better driver experience. And here, computing is a focus for the next generations of vehicles.

Bringing hardware closer to the system engineering is a different approach and exactly what Codasip can enable. The combination of Codasip Studio technology with RISC-V processor IP delivers access to rapid innovation, ownership, and cost reduction right into the hands of automotive players. These are companies of all sizes that are experiencing the pains today. Democratizing processor design is a real demand that is accelerating automotive innovation in the supply chain. Codasip and RISC-V offer the ability to innovate rapidly at design level by reducing cost and complexity.

The need for ownership in the automotive sector

The ability to differentiate in a rapidly evolving sector such as automotive is key to success, or even survival. Owning the ability to design for differentiation is crucial and that is exactly what Codasip enables.

Centered in Europe, we are surrounded by the world’s largest market for automotive innovation and manufacturing and away from geopolitical challenges. We are surrounded by leading experts and customers and are able to work closely with them to build a world-class capability by deeply understanding the challenges and find solutions. These solutions benefit our automotive customers and their end customers – as well as the wider automotive industry, to some extent.

Security and safety embedded by design

Having security and safety embedded by design and allowing our customers to rapidly make changes to the design while maintaining safety, security integrity, and proof of the design – without a lengthy design cycle – is fundamental.

Despite chip shortages, chip innovation is booming and that applies especially to the automotive sector. It is abundantly clear that the future of automotive is through innovation and differentiation. Codasip’s processor design automation technology and EDA tooling has the potential to accelerate innovation in the automotive supply chain, and to enable innovation in electrification and safe and secure applications for connected and autonomous vehicles.

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