Wafer-Scale CMOS-Integrated GFET Arrays With High Yield And Uniformity Designed For Biosensing Applications

A technical paper titled “Wafer-Scale Graphene Field-Effect Transistor Biosensor Arrays with Monolithic CMOS Readout” was published by researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Graphenea Semiconductor SLU. Abstract: "The reliability of analysis is becoming increasingly important as point-of-care diagnostics are transitioning from single-analyte detection toward multiplex... » read more

Smelling The Metaverse Via Wearable Wireless Interfaces

A new technical paper titled "Soft, miniaturized, wireless olfactory interface for virtual reality" was published by researchers at  City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Science Park, Beihang University, and others. Abstract "Recent advances in virtual reality (VR) technologies accelerate the creation of a flawless 3D virtual world to provide frontier social platform for human. Equall... » read more

Technique For Printing Electronic Circuits Onto Curved & Corrugated Surfaces Using Metal Nanowires (NC State)

A technical paper titled "Curvilinear soft electronics by micromolding of metal nanowires in capillaries" was published by researchers at North Carolina State University. “We’ve developed a technique that doesn’t require binding agents and that allows us to print on a variety of curvilinear surfaces,” says Yuxuan Liu, first author of the paper and a Ph.D. student at NC State in this ... » read more

HW Accelerator Architecture for MI Computation With Low Latency, Energy Efficient (MIT)

A new technical paper titled "Efficient Computation of Map-scale Continuous Mutual Information on Chip in Real Time" was published by researchers at MIT. Find the technical paper here. "In this paper, we introduce a new hardware accelerator architecture for MI computation that features a low-latency, energy-efficient MI compute core and an optimized memory subsystem that provides sufficie... » read more

New Material for Printing At the Nanoscale, Strong & Light (Stanford/Northwestern)

A new technical paper titled "Mechanical nanolattices printed using nanocluster-based photoresists" was published by researchers at Stanford University and Northwestern University. The researchers have developed a new material for nanoscale 3D printing to be used for drones, microelectronics and satellites, demonstrating that "the new material is able to absorb twice as much energy than othe... » read more

Wearable Electrotactile Rendering System w/High Spacial resolution, Rapid Refresh

A new technical paper titled "Super-resolution wearable electrotactile rendering system" was published by researchers at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Tencent Technology's Robotics X Laboratory. "Here, we present a wearable electrotactile rendering system that elicits tactile stimuli with both high spatial resolution (76 dots/cm2) and rapid refresh rates (4 kHz), because of a prev... » read more

Mass Production of Soft And Stretchable Electronics

This new technical paper titled "Scalable Manufacturing of Liquid Metal Circuits" was published by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. The work presents "a novel technique for scalable and reproducible manufacturing of LM-based SSEs [soft and stretchable electronics] with integrated solid-state microelectronic components. The manufacturing technique is based on a selective metal-alloy... » read more

Fabrication And Characterization Of Junctionless FETs

New technical paper titled "Planar Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor for Detecting Biomolecular Interactions"  was published from researchers at Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics, University of Twente, University of Glasgow, and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Abstract "Label-free field-effect transistor-based immunosensors are promising candidates for ... » read more

MIT: Computing Power Impact on 5 Domains

New technical paper titled "The Importance of (Exponentially More) Computing Power" from researchers at MIT CSAIL and Sloan School of Management. Abstract "Denizens of Silicon Valley have called Moore's Law "the most important graph in human history," and economists have found that Moore's Law-powered I.T. revolution has been one of the most important sources of national productivity growth... » read more

CORDIC-based Chip Design With Iterative Pipelining Architecture for Biped Robots

New technical paper titled "Efficient and Accurate CORDIC Pipelined Architecture Chip Design Based on Binomial Approximation for Biped Robot," from researchers at Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) and Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines). Abstract: "Recently, much research has focused on the design of biped robots with stable and smooth walking ability, identical to human bein... » read more

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