SoC Connectivity Verification Nightmare

At the recent 2015 women’s World Cup soccer final in Canada, Japan was completely caught off guard in the first 15 minutes (and 4 seconds) by the USA. They were wary of the “set-piece” play by the USA team, which they were not able to defend against, resulting in the first three goals by the American women. However, the game breaker was the 54-foot midfield hat-trick goal from Carli Lloyd... » read more

Physical Lint: Physical Quality Metrics For Your RTL

Why Analyze Physical Metrics at RTL? The quality of the logic structures generated from RTL has a direct impact on the number of design iterations required to close a design. Additionally, the quality of logic structures generated from RTL has a direct impact on design utilization. These trends are illustrated in Figure 1. Essentially, improving the quality of the logic structures in a d... » read more

Taming Lint With Formal

Designers have been using Linting tools for many years to ensure designs adhere to recommended coding guidelines. Linting tools verify that RTL is written in an unambiguous way to ensure that downstream tools (simulation, synthesis, etc.) do not interpret the code incorrectly, resulting in design, verification, timing or implementation issues. Linting tools take advantage of fast and shallow... » read more

Clock Domain Crossing (CDC): Are We There Yet?

Over the last decade, SoC designs have become significantly reliant on IP reuse to manage the design complexity and meet time-to-market goals. IP-based design and verification methodology is essential but has put an additional verification burden on IP suppliers (internal and external). IP suppliers need to ensure that their IP is exhaustively verified and SoC Integrators need to ensure that al... » read more

Applying Lessons Of Mass Production To Verification

I’ve recently been experiencing that time-honored tradition of helping an elderly family member as they go through one surgery after another attempting to restore worn-out, miscellaneous body parts. What’s most surprising, beyond the costs, is that shopping for a knee or disc replacement is much like shopping for a car. Do you go for the high-performance knee, which maybe hasn’t been test... » read more

Is Your IP-Verification Environment Trying To Kill You?

I was watching an old episode of The Office the other night. It was the one where a GPS guided the lead characters into a lake. While we've all fallen victim to a GPS gone bad. Most of us are fortunate enough not to trust technology blindly enough to drive into a lake (or in my case, onto the tarmac at Ft. Lauderdale International). Yet, it's surprisingly easy to find parallels in real life whe... » read more

A (Possible) Killer Wearable App

Wearable products (and proposals) today seem to be primarily fads or curiosities vying for the attention of a select few — the digital elite (computer-literate, with multiple devices, and data junkies). Many of us find it hard to see these apps lasting very long. I have an idea that breaks a lot of the expectations of a wearable, but may deliver higher value. I apologize in advance for credit... » read more

Power Exploration: MLB World Series, Bumgarner, And Box Scores

The San Francisco Giants are fresh off their third Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series win in the last 5 years. That's notable in itself, but then consider Madison Bumgarner, the starting pitcher for the Giants who was named the 2014 World Series MVP. Bumgarner finished this year’s series with a 2-0 record, one five-inning save (game seven) and 0.43 ERA in three appearances, highlighting... » read more

Taking The Mystery Out Of IP, SoC And Automotive System Debug

I recently had to take my car to the dealership because the gas-saving "auto-shut-off-while-stopped" feature wasn't working. The dealer explained that the reason it took two days to debug was because it "touched on many systems" in the car. In the end, they realized the battery wasn't fully charged and blamed it on my short 10-mile commute. Whether that was an honest answer or an example of ... » read more

Manufacturing Test Robustness

The recent 6.0 earthquake near Napa California caused close to $50 million in damages to the wineries and property in the region. The San Francisco bay area is accustomed to earthquakes and hence structural engineers design buildings to bear high intensity earthquakes amongst other natural disasters. The damage to property would have been much higher if not due to the strict guidelines followed... » read more

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