Creating An Enduring National Resource

A blueprint for the national semiconductor technology center and the national advanced packaging manufacturing program


The Semiconductor Alliance. It represents our efforts to convene and collaborate with industry and university members to develop input and plans for CHIPS activity that will benefit industry and Federal Government objectives. Our first paper, American Innovation, American Growth: A Vision for the National Semiconductor Technology Center, was published November 2021 to help inform and shape government CHIPS efforts early on. This was the first collective paper published on the subject and commenced a series of collaborative discussions across the ecosystem. The Semiconductor Alliance continued to convene and grow, to provide a response to the Department of Commerce’s March 2022 request for information. We have continued to meet weekly over the past 20 months to develop direction and guidance to support the Department of Commerce and the newly formed CHIPS R&D office. Our working groups have been focused on R&D strategy and planning to guide the portion of CHIPS investments on innovation and design of the chips of the future. This work is relevant to the formation and operation of the National Semiconductor Technology Center and the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program, which will reaffirm America’s leadership in semiconductor technology.

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