DAC Finds A New Voice

EDA is at the center of the IoT, and the IoT is at the center of DAC.


DAC stands for Design Automation Conference. Everyone: please stop saying “the DAC conference”. This may not be as widespread as folks calling an automated teller machine an ATM machine, although it’s still odd. But I digress…

This year, the 53rd DAC will be held in Austin, Texas starting June 5. I’ve been going to DAC for more years than I will ever put in writing. I’ve seen some marvelous things unveiled at this show. Innovations that impact IC design and manufacturing typically. This year will be different though.


This year, DAC is following the semiconductor innovation road a little farther. This road has already been traveled. Semiconductor IP has been a significant addition to the show’s repertoire. So has embedded software and automotive technology. If you examine the show’s floor plan here, you will see the World of IoT has taken up residence at DAC. This makes perfect sense, since semiconductor innovation is the reason IoT exists, and EDA makes semiconductor innovation possible. Look a little closer at the floor plan though. Right in the middle of the World of IoT. Do you see it?

There is a space labeled Maker’s Market. The maker movement is a true force of nature, I blogged about it in a prior post. Makers exhibiting at DAC is new, and it’s exciting. In a world of multi-million-dollar chip designs built at billion-dollar fabs, all bankrolled by monster public companies, it brings both a refreshing and optimistic feeling to the business to see everyday folks building incredible inventions with the same billion-dollar technology.

I firmly believe the maker movement will bring us several of the Next Big Things and, over time, it will eclipse the Consumer Electronics Show in importance. Bringing this movement to DAC is new and exciting. You don’t want to miss this. Come to Austin in June for the exciting new things to see at DAC. Stay a little longer for the great food and music.


Daniel Payne says:

With 3D printing and $5.00 Raspberry Pi boards, we are in Maker heaven. This is more exciting than when PCs came out in the late 70’s.

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