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If you’re headed to the Design Automation Conference next week, there are a number of automotive sessions.


With the yearly Design Automation Conference upon us in mere days, I’ve been combing through the program looking for sessions to attend in between already-scheduled roundtables I’m running, speakers I am introducing here and here, a panel I’m moderating, along with other meetings.


You might imagine I’ve got my eye on the automotive sessions starting with the opening keynote. It’s such an interesting time for the automotive industry with technologies such as self-driving vehicles absolutely exploding, and giving rise to issues that players in the semiconductor industry hadn’t previously needed to be concerned with.

At DAC, are also Tutorials, DAC Pavilion sessions, Design Track presentations and panels that specifically address certain aspects of automotive design: the model-based design aspect of automobiles; design of memory protection units in safety-critical code; security; steering safety; safety and security aspects of future vehicular networks; autonomous driving; and challenges of determining architecture for automotive electronic control units; to name some.

If you don’t happen to be attending the conference this year, have no fear. Semiconductor Engineering editors will be blogging, Tweeting and updating LinkedIn from Austin.

In addition, over the coming months we will run the roundtables we organized and will hold next week so stay tuned.

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