Doing More For Less With Upgraded LON Networks

Modernizing legacy LON networks to take advantage of advances in IoT and cloud technologies.


At Adesto, we talk a lot about the importance of embracing all IoT communications protocols. We believe that our customers and their customers can derive great benefit from building and industrial control solutions that connect to industrial field bus protocols such as BACnet, LON and Modbus, as well as IP-based protocols – especially when those solutions are enabled to work seamlessly together. One of the things that we haven’t talked much about recently though is helping our customers with legacy LON networks modernize and enhance existing systems so they can take advantage of all the advances in IoT and cloud technologies.

If you are a facility manager, systems integrator or OEM familiar with LON networks, then you understand the many benefits of this robust, proven communications technology, originally developed by Echelon Corporation and now an open ISO/IEC standard with worldwide adoption. LON enables open, reliable and efficient data transmission with true peer-to-peer communications.

Today, LON networks are widespread in applications from building automation to industrial systems. You can find LON in the building management system of the largest office building in Europe – Coeur Défense; in connected lighting networks in Paris, Oslo, Shenzhen, Dublin and Riyadh; in various process controls equipment for semiconductor fabrication; in city-wide energy management systems for subways and campuses; and in countless other applications around the globe.

Across all these applications, LON networks reliably communicate data for day-to-day operations based on original design parameters. But with a few additions, many of these networks can be upgraded to do even more.

Doing more means achieving greater efficiencies by connecting previously disparate systems and benefiting from advances in building management systems, thereby reducing costs and risks. It can also mean taking advantage of the many benefits of modern IoT applications – from centralized monitoring, trending and reporting to advanced analytics and AI enhancements. Today, it is simple and straightforward to:

  • Integrate LON networks with building management or SCADA software for unified system management by connecting to gateways and PCs
  • Interconnect LON networks to each other to create smart campuses or smart cities by enabling interconnection between IP and LON networks
  • Extend existing LON network systems to IoT applications or cloud services by serving up previously siloed operating data for custom visualization, analytics and AI

Fast and affordable additions to existing networks add greater value to these systems, and upgrades can be as simple as adding new network interfaces or LON routers. We’ve illustrated three upgrade options, and we’re happy to consult with you about the best solution for your application. Click here for more details and to find out how you can do more for less!

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