Validation Of Smart Sensors For AI-Based Condition Monitoring In Industry

By André Schneider and Martin Lehmann Industry has challenging requirements for the quality and reliability of the distributed smart sensors used in condition monitoring. As a result of digitalization and the increasing use of AI-based monitoring solutions, we can expect an increase in demand for systematic, efficient design and validation processes. In the future, a product’s journey fro... » read more

Smart Manufacturing Makes Gains In Chip Industry

Lights out manufacturing is gaining steam across the semiconductor industry, accelerating productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs and environment impact. These benefits are the result of years of strategic investments in technologies like machine-to-machine communication, data analytics, and robotics to achieve higher levels of autonomy. Semiconductor factories have long depen... » read more

Connectivity Challenges In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is characterized by interoperability (such as IIoT), information transparency (digital plant models: virtual copy of physical world), technical support (the ability of cyber-physical systems to support humans by executing various tasks), and decentralized decision-making. IIoT allows devices to be connected, creating a virtual copy of real-world data that allows operators to visual... » read more

Digital Twin Initiative Reaches Across The Cloud To The Edge

Digital twins are a hot topic of conversation across industries. Everyone wants a piece of this technology, without necessarily understanding how it fits into their day-to-day workflows. Today, digital twins are generally used as real-time digital models for validation and verification of a physical twin (model) of a product or system via simulation. Microsoft and Ansys are helping customers ... » read more

The New Convergence: IoT, AI, And 5G Bring Actionable Intelligence To The Factory Floor

Last year, I reflected on the Renesas Renaissance in terms of how our long-term growth strategy is positioning the company as a full-spectrum, global technology solutions provider with an extended physical footprint in the U.S., Europe, and China. Thanks to the acquisitions of Intersil, IDT, Dialog Semiconductor, and Celeno we now have expansive design capabilities that surround our embedded... » read more

Smart Manufacturing: What’s Needed For The Industrial Intelligence Revolution?

Smart manufacturing – the use of nascent technology within the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) to address traditional manufacturing challenges – is leading a supply chain revolution, resulting in smart, connected, and intelligent environments, capable of self-operation and self-healing. While factory automation has been around for decades, smart manufacturing goes a great deal furth... » read more

AI At The IoT Edge Is Disrupting The Industrial Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge of the network is a cornerstone that will influence the future direction of the technology industry. If AI is an engine of change, then semiconductors are the oil driving the new age that is being defined by machine learning (ML), neural networks, 5G connectivity and the advent of blockchain, digital twins and the metaverse. Despite recent disruptions... » read more

Data Security Takes Front Seat In Industrial IoT Design

As recently as 10 years ago, protecting Internet of Things (IoT) data was largely an afterthought. Engineers designing IoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) networks were more concerned with ensuring their applications functioned according to design specifications, not with the unintended consequences of releasing potentially sensitive information into the cloud. Today, with billions of sensors an... » read more

The New Disruptive Force In High-End AIoT Markets

MediaTek is known for its SoC solutions in the mobile and consumer device markets. In fact, the smartphone market is now producing the most advanced and performant SoC designs on the planet. MediaTek is a vital part of this innovation. Each year it produces a range of chipsets for the mobile market, like the flagship Dimensity 9000 which adopted Arm’s v9 CPU and Mali-GPU technologies to del... » read more

Robots Need More Human Skills

Robots need freedom. At least if they are working intelligently with humans. Out of the cage, into the open shop floor of a factory. However, with freedom, great challenges await robots, which previously only knew their small world behind protective grids and their highly specialized activities. Here they have to cope with humans who are vulnerable, sometimes unpredictable, but in any case al... » read more

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