The difficulties in developing, integrating and outsourcing sub-systems and the best practices for dealing with these issues.


Advances in silicon technology have enabled unprecedented levels of integration in today’s SoC designs. These designs are developed through integration of various sub-systems. After the architecture and top-level micro-architecture are reasonably complete, the task of developing and integrating sub-systems begins. These sub-systems may be developed ground-up with brand new sub-system RTL. Additionally, many of the sub-systems can be sourced as IP from third parties or from an internal library of legacy designs. Integration of these sub-systems begins at appropriate times in the workflow.

This white paper describes typical issues faced by designers in these three fields. The paper highlights the need to address implementation issues for the chip project early in the design cycle. The paper then reviews current “rule-checking” approaches and gives an overview of the Atrenta approach to the problem. To download the paper, click here.


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