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High-End Audio Made Easy: The Software Story

A look at the hardware and software challenges in audio and how to integrate audio software into Linux- and Android-based systems.


Audio requirements are soaring. Whereas audio used to be done in a few spare cycles of the main CPU, decoding today’s Blu-ray Disc 24-bit, 192 kHz high-definition audio streams, or post-processing 9.1 channel Pro Logic IIz streams, requires significant performance. An obvious solution is to offload the processing to one or more dedicated audio digital signal processors (DSPs) such as the DesignWare ARC AS211SFX/AS221BD Audio Processors, but this complicates system design and introduces a number of hardware and software challenges. This white paper elaborates on these challenges and presents a number of architectural solutions. In addition to the offloading complexities, this paper covers the integration of audio processing software in larger multimedia and product software stacks, by describing how to integrate audio software into popular Linux- and Android-based systems.

To download this white paper, click here.


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