Innovative Top-Side Cooled Package Solution For High-Voltage Applications

Using top-side cooled (TSC) power devices in high-voltage (HV) applications.


This application note shows the benefits of using top-side cooled (TSC) power devices in high-voltage (HV) applications. In addition, it should help designers of such applications to understand how the device can be used and how an efficient and easy-to-assemble approach can be chosen to integrate TSC devices into the system. This application note describes Infineon’s new heat-spreader dual small outline package (HDSOP) family, which consists of TSC surface-mount devices (SMDs) designed for HV applications. The document explains the advantages of TSC and shows the different assembly methods and thermal stacks and their influence on thermal performance. It also addresses the different manufacturing challenges a hardware designer must consider when using TSC packages.

The following information is a guideline for use and should not be regarded as a description or warranty of a certain functionality, condition or quality of the device.

Intended audience
System and hardware development engineers in the field of high-power/HV applications such as onboard chargers, SMPS, drive applications, etc. who want to understand the advantages and challenges of the TSC approach or who already use TSC in their applications. The application note is aimed at the automotive and industrial space.

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