Inspired By The IoT Yet?

Where are the most interesting IoT apps? Anywhere and everywhere.


You can’t go too far in the world of technology today without running into the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT). And I don’t know about you but the momentum is fascinating – not just the technology side, because innovation is always interesting, but also on the business development side of things due to the seemingly limitless potential for connectivity of devices that previously weren’t connected as well as new products to improve our lives or at least make them more interesting and insightful.

Some of the most inspiring applications to me are in the wearable domain. From Fitbit and the like fitness activity trackers for you and your pets to medical monitoring devices to a startup called Sproutling still developing a wearable baby-monitoring device. And these are just consumer-oriented products meant to be worn on the body.

From a broader perspective outside of wearables but under the IoT umbrella, there is an entirely new industry focused on the connected, smart home and I’m curious to know about new industrial applications.

What these new apps require are ultra-low-power sensors, MCUs and connectivity which in turn are designed with careful architecting and every manner of power management techniques.

We used to call this type of opportunity ‘the next big thing,’ and while that phrase has lost its luster, the meaning is applicable and relevant to the breadth and depth of opportunities here.

What inspires you about the IoT?


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