Intelligent Flexible IoT Nodes

Benefits of distributing intelligence across all nodes, and best practices to address nodes for the IoT.


The media is buzzing with articles every week about the benefits of deploying IoT systems across various industries. Some forecasts mention the trillions of dollars that will be saved on a global scale from such deployments and the dramatic boost to those companies that make it all possible. At the heart of this global deployment is the IoT node, a sensor that converts the physical world to digital information. Most forecasts mention 50 billion nodes and beyond to be deployed by 2020. The challenge for companies wanting a part of the market is how to address the thousands of applications with the minimum number of devices. Clearly one node is not going to address all markets in an economically viable manner. The goal is then to find a common architecture from which to build a minimum set of nodes to address a maximum number of markets. This paper proposes an elegant architecture to address all nodes for all markets.

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