IoT Cyber-Security: A Missing Piece Of The Smart City Puzzle

How to protect devices in a smart city from a wide range of cyber threats.


Smart city devices, as well as the data they generate, must be protected against a wide range of cyber threats. Vulnerable devices can be hijacked and even physically disabled, while unencrypted or unverified data transmissions can be intercepted, leaked or spoofed. A leak or deliberate falsification of sensitive customer data will inevitably damage a brand and decrease confidence in smart city infrastructure.

Despite the real-world risks, service providers and OEMs are understandably concerned that implementation of a comprehensive IoT security solution for smart city infrastructure could potentially incur additional costs and delay time to market. As such, the most effective security solution is one that does not negatively impact profitability or time to market. Put simply, a practical, simple and secure solution that can be easily and widely adopted by service providers is far more effective than a ‘super solution’ with only limited adoption.

The Rambus IoT Device Management is a turnkey security service for smart city service providers and OEMs. Our one-stop shop solution provides seamless device-to-cloud secure connectivity, protects service high-availability and helps mitigate a variety of attacks. The CryptoManager IoT Device Management solution comprises multiple software modules that can be pre-integrated in smart city devices and the selected cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). When a smart city device is powered up and connected to the internet, it automatically connects to the IoT Device Management service, seamlessly authenticates and provisions relevant security credentials.

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