Lessons In Monitoring System Performance

A new series of educational videos to help you stay updated, remotely.


At proteanTecs, we set out to revolutionize electronics with a breakthrough approach to address the challenges that come with scale: Deep Data monitoring of the health & performance of systems, from design to field.

Knowledge and education are profoundly rooted in our core values. However, as the circumstances of COVID-19 unfold, we are following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and are conscious of the need to relocate our educational efforts to the digital medium. The safety and health of our teams and our customers around the world is our top priority.

To that end, we approached our industry-expert leadership, and established an ongoing agenda of educational materials, so our customers and partners can stay remotely updated on the most advanced solutions and frontier technologies.

We are excited to launch “proteanTalk – Bite-Size Insights”, educational videos by proteanTecs experTeam. The series will include topics such as:

  • The concept and implementation of Families – fine clusters with similar behavior across many dimensions
  • Performance degradation monitoring for enhanced qualification and in-field reliability monitoring
  • Review of the challenges and variability that stem from advanced IC process nodes
  • Achieving operational efficiencies through Deep Data visibility
  • DPPM reduction via high-resolution outlier detection
  • In-field predictive maintenance of electronic fleets
  • Machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to turn data into insights
  • Fast and thorough root cause analysis
  • Advanced post-to-pre silicon correlation
  • Early and fine product binning

And many more topics. See the videos here.

We will be releasing new materials weekly. Stay connected with our online-educational program, and register to receive updates from us!

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