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Lowering The Barriers To Entry For ASICs

What makes custom SoCs too difficult for some, but too compelling to ignore for others?


The future of IoT and its rate of scalability depends upon increased functionality in the smallest form factors. Arm knows that OEMs are increasingly turning to custom SoCs/ASICs for a wealth of benefits: differentiation, cost savings, improved reliability, and smaller products.

So, at Arm, we wanted to better understand the perceived risks involved for OEMs – what makes custom SoCs a task too large for some, yet too compelling not to, for others? And how can we help reduce complexity and initial outlay, whilst increasing time-to-market and success rates.

That is why we commissioned TIRIAS Research to detail why OEMs are choosing custom SoCs despite the perceived potential risks. Then, recommend ways that OEMs can get from concept to silicon faster, simpler, and with increased confidence – regardless of in-house experience or start-up budget.

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