Manufacturing Cyber Security

How to protect data in a digital thread.


Designers and manufacturers worldwide are concerned about manufacturing cyber security and design data when using additive manufacturing technology. This whitepaper from Identify3D discusses how digital product data is shared during the additive manufacturing workflow and how that data might be better secured. Using products from Identify3D and Siemens, the entire additive manufacturing data chain from design to manufacturing can be secured to maintain the integrity of both the digital data and the physical printed products when using additive manufacturing technology as the final manufacturing method.

Key Learning Points about Cyber Security in Manufacturing Industry

  • Cyber security of manufacturing is increasingly important in a connected world
  • Attacks on manufacturing systems often involve the theft of IP
  • Manufacturing is the most targeted industry for ransomware attacks
  • To secure the complete data chain you must secure the link from software to hardware
  • It is possible to secure the entire data chain with products like those from Identify3D

Understanding Industry 4.0 Cyber Security will be Important for:

  • IT
  • Manufacturing Cyber Security Specialists
  • Senior Executives

Examine Best Practices for Cyber Security in Manufacturing:

  • Prevent manufacturing cyber security attacks
  • Facilitate secure and accountable digital distribution
  • Protect the TDP to assure the confidentiality and integrity of the TDP throughout the digital thread.
  • Manufacture with the right data to the right machines at the right time with a tightly controlled and secure manufacturing process.

Read the full white paper here.

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