Mentor Graphics And IXIA De-Risk Networking SoC Verification

Bridging the gap between pre-silicon verification and post-silicon validation.


The Veloce VN App bridges the gap between pre-silicon verification and post-silicon validation of networking designs by integrating the industry-leading IXIA virtual networking test solution with the Veloce emulation platform. Networking design teams can now run the same tests in simulation, emulation and the lab. The Veloce VN App supports high performance and offers debug advantage of pre-silicon verification. A bug unearthed in the lab can be traced in emulation using the same test environment found in the lab. Bugs found testing the entire product, both hardware and software, can be reproduced instantly in emulation. A real shift-left in pre-silicon verification using a post-silicon software development kit (SDK) and test environment is finally within reach.

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