Personal Security In The IoT

We need to ask the big picture questions when it comes to IoT devices, especially in the area of personal security.


I have to admit that in some regards, the Internet of Things concerns me…and not necessarily in a good way. Yes, I appreciate how convenient it will be when my refrigerator automatically orders my groceries when I get low on something, manages the electricity usage in my home, not to mention monitoring all of my bodily functions (ok, that might be an exaggeration), but are we stopping to ask the right questions? Namely, does everyone actually want this kind of invasive technology and what if they don’t?

Do I want a wireless implant in my body to deliver antibiotics? The benefits are clear to see but equally fair is to look at the ways these devices can potentially do harm. If they are controlled wirelessly for the good, can’t they be controlled for the bad as well?

Amazing technology, for sure, but are we thinking of all the relevant questions to ask about the benefits and risks?

Another question in my mind is what the market will look like when the government figures out how to regulate the living daylights out of everything related to the IoT? Of course just accessing the Internet opens one up to invasion of privacy, so to speak, but how much more info about my person do I want the government having access to? Do we trust that the government would make regulations that actually protect us?

Bottom line, when technology is aimed at invading every aspect of our lives, bigger picture questions need to be asked about who it truly benefits and how. Giving up even more of our privacy should give us reason to take these things seriously and investigate every aspect of their presence in our lives.

What about you? What are your concerns with security as it relates to IoT devices?


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