Round-Trip Engineering Key To AUTOSAR-Based Development

How to keep intermediate results involving AUTOSAR artifacts consistent when they are exchanged between different tools.


This paper discusses how round-trip engineering can be used as an iterative development process and describes interoperability between tools from Mentor and MathWorks.

Model-based design has become an important component in vehicle manufacturer and supplier development processes. Electronic control units are complex in terms of functionality, connectivity, and variants; therefore automotive engineers must constantly optimize their development processes in order to keep up with the competition. It is essential that the tools in use support all-over design iterations — the so-called round-trip engineering. The challenge is to make sure that intermediate results with regard to AUTOSAR artifacts remain consistent when they are exchanged between different tools. This is especially important in the interaction between tools used in model-based design to model functional behavior and the AUTOSAR authoring tool for architecture modeling. To read more, click here.

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