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Securing The Internet of Things Using Hardware Rooted Processor Security — An Architect’s Guide

An overview of security basics, feature requirements, technical solutions and system-level tradeoffs.


Security is a key requirement for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and must be considered for all aspects of the design. This paper provides an overview of security basics, feature requirements, technical solutions, and associated system-level trade-offs for implementing security in IoT devices. Making the required trade-offs is significantly easier by leveraging secure, proven building blocks that were designed with secure systems in mind and optimized for low footprint and energy. This paper can help you decide on the optimal mix of features and best tradeoffs to make for your specific IoT device that will result in a secure architecture that can be efficiently implemented.

Read this paper to learn about:

  • Security basics and trends;
  • Countermeasures to IoT security threats and attacks;
  • System, processor and software level protection mechanisms;
  • Reference architecture illustrating system, processor and software security technologies.

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