Smart Manufacturing Initiative

How to optimize processes based on analysis of production and sensor data.


SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing (SM) Initiative has been a gathering place for companies who believe that electronics manufacturing will benefit from the gathering and analysis of production and sensor data, and optimizing processes based on that data. SM principles are focused on increasing speed, improved output and higher quality.

Smart Manufacturing relies on simplifying data sharing and communication across the value chain. When an OEM adds a new tool to a smart factory, it should be able to automatically connect into all other manufacturing systems: ERP, MES, APC, FDC, etc. Advanced machine learning and analytics should be able to look at contextualized data across tools without a lot of tedious setup and tagging.

Many companies engaged in the effort-including, Cisco, Intel, Jabil, Cimetrix, PEER Group, Applied Materials and Inficon—have identified four areas for focus:

  • Materials Flow and Conversion
  • Security: Data Sharing and Data Policies
  • Data Flow Architecture
  • Digital Building Blocks

This is going to require further advances in data collection flexibility, as well as increased adoption and expansion of standards. SEMI, with experience in collaboration for the creation of guidelines, is interested in the application, or adaptability, of its equipment automation and communication standards.

These topics and more, will be the main session topics for a one-day workshop on Nov. 29, 2018, at SEMI in Milpitas, California. For each topic, industry experts will present actual case studies from SM implementations. The presenters and facilitators are using the workshop format to encourage real-time interaction among the participants.

See the full agenda of Smart Manufacturing Workshop here and register to engage with the SEMI effort.

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