STEM And The IoT

Will the IoT live up to the expectations?


By now, we’ve all heard how the IoT will deeply affect our industry and daily life. Market researchers at Yole Développement predict that In 2024, the IoT device market will represent a $45B business contributing to a total IoT market of $400B. This is going to demand many more engineering brains on the task, which is in direct contrast to something I heard on NPR recently about how some people believe the U.S. has too many STEM graduates. I believe the opposite, and can foresee the IoT igniting even more innovation in untapped markets.

There are also plenty of other stories about how STEM grads are happy to discover their starting salary is higher than expected, and that there are opportunities in many locales in the U.S. — even outside of Silicon Valley, which might be hard for some left-coasters to believe.

Bringing this back around to the IoT, as many (hopefully most) of you know, the Design Automation Conference is taking place once again next week in San Francisco. While there are significant arguments against large conferences and exhibits of this type, they are still extremely useful for learning about design techniques, networking with like-minded individuals, and reconnecting with your community. And this year, I’ll be watching for and attending as many sessions and talks about IoT as my schedule allows — and there are many opportunities for this.

What’s your experience with trade shows these days? Do you still find them useful? Also, what are your thoughts about opportunities for STEM graduates in the U.S.? Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

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