Surfscan SP3/Ax Unpatterned Wafer Inspection Systems

What an unpatterned wafer inspection system can detect with this KLA tool.


Unpatterned wafer inspection systems are used for process qualification, tool qualification, tool monitoring, outgoing wafer quality control, incoming wafer quality control, and process debug. Learn more about a system from KLA that identify defects and wafer surface quality issues that affect the performance and reliability of chips manufactured for the automotive, IoT, 5G, consumer electronics, and industrial (military, aerospace, medical) applications. These inspection systems support IC, OEM, materials and substrate manufacturing by qualifying and monitoring tools, processes and materials. Using a DUV laser and optimized inspection modes, the Surfscan SP Ax systems deliver the sensitivity required to support fabs defect reduction strategies. Standard darkfield and optional brightfield inspection modes run concurrently, enabling capture and classification of yield critical and latent reliability defect types. Built on the industry-leading Surfscan platform, the Surfscan SP A2/A3 inspectors support 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafers, and are configurable and flexible to meet the cost and performance targets for a range of applications.

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