Ecosystem Vs. Ecosystem

The massive consolidation that has been underway over the past couple years is about to slow down. Interest rates are expected to increase in the very near future—the Fed has been dropping hints about this for months—ending the era of cheap capital. The cost of borrowing already is creeping up in anticipation of this, and it's happening globally because money lending is a global industry. ... » read more

What Happened To 450mm?

By Mark LaPedus, Ed Sperling & Katherine Derbyshire There was a time not very long ago—one process node, in fact—when the economic momentum of Moore’s Law seemed unstoppable with a combination of extreme ultraviolet lithography, larger wafer sizes and a variety of new materials. Shrinking feature sizes is still technically possible, but certainly not with the same promised economic benef... » read more

450mm Silicon Wafer Issues Emerge

By Mark LaPedus The most critical component in semiconductor manufacturing is arguably the silicon wafer, but the substrate is often taken for granted in the supply chain. After all, silicon wafer makers have nearly perfected their craft over the years and produce what many consider mere commodities. And on the business front, silicon wafer makers often find themselves with excess capacity... » read more

Ultra-thin wafers for 450mm FD-SOI on schedule

While much of the focus on the impending move to 450mm has focused on the equipment challenges, the wafers themselves are of course the primordial consideration. Predictions are starting to mount up linking the move to 450mm with a move to fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI). So the question needs to be asked: will the wafers be ready? Engineered substrates like SOI wafers need to ... » read more