ARM and Qualcomm: Enabling The Next Mobile Computing Revolution With Highly Integrated ARMv8-A Based SoCs

This joint white paper by ARM and Qualcomm examines the forces behind the recent mobile computing revolution and what will be required for companies to succeed in future evolutions of mobile computing. This paper includes how the next generation of the ARM® architecture, ARMv8-A, will enable the next mobile revolution based around the ARM AArch64 64-bit instruction set while providing full sup... » read more

Porting To ARM 64-Bit

Why 64-bit? It seems that is a question with many answers! For some, it will be the need to address more than 4GB of memory, for others the need for wider registers and greater accuracy of 64-bit data processing, for still others the attraction of a larger register set. Whatever your reason for looking to move to 64-bit, it is likely that you will have a body of legacy software which will ne... » read more