Week 27: Announcing DAC TV

I’m just back from a few days in San Jose, which luckily is only a short flight away from Portland. After so many of these trips I've found that most of the time I'm surrounded by familiar faces and the one or two flustered employees that couldn’t catch their much more convenient corporate commuter flight. I have to admit the idea of bypassing airport security and just showing my badge, gra... » read more

Week 22: Missed Opportunities

Have you ever forgotten that you should be at a specific meeting or woken up in the middle of the night sure you’re not remembering something important? In our age of distraction, surely one of those remembralls from Harry Potter’s world would come in handy and find a huge market. Is anyone in the tech world working on one? (No, reminder apps don’t count.) Then there is pain of missing so... » read more

Week 19: Ready. Steady. Go!

The window for submitting to the IP and designer tracks opens on Oct. 23. It’s time to get ready and check with your management if you can present your work at DAC. You can find the submission details and a link to last year’s content here. You can even browse presentation examples from past designer tracks. If you are an EDA vendor, the designer track is a good opportunity for your use... » read more