First Time Success And Cost Control

First time success has been the ultimate goal for semiconductor companies due to escalating mask costs, as well as a guiding objective for the development of EDA tools, especially in the systems and verification space. These pressures are magnified for the [getkc id="76" comment="Internet of Things"] (IoT), especially the edge devices. Have system-level tools been able to contribute to first ti... » read more

What Will Change In Design For 2015?

This year more than 26 people provided predictions for 2015. Most of these came from the EDA industry, so the results may be rather biased. However, ecosystems are coming closer together in many parts of the semiconductor food chain, meaning that the EDA companies often can see what is happening in dependent industries and in the system design houses. Thus their predictions may have already res... » read more

Industry Collaboration Starts

Last week was quite exciting for the Knowledge Center. We have started to receive our first vendor supplied pages along with obtaining permission to mine various documents for populating other pages. A big thank you for these early contributions. Several people also sent in photographs for inclusion on their personal pages as well as additional information or corrections. It all started whe... » read more

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