Electronics In Agriculture

In my post Jobs: Farmer I wrote about my experience as a teenager working on the farm owned (actually rented from the Duke of Badminton) by the father of one of my school friends. Electronics were nowhere to be found in those days. I recently watched some YouTube videos that show just how hi-tech farming has become now that Moore's Law has made accessible electronics that would have seemed ma... » read more

AI, 5G, IoT Combine In The Fifth Wave Of Computing

Something hugely positive is happening as a result of AI, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) reaching maturity at the same time. Like three kids growing up together, these technologies are feeding off each other’s energy and enhancing each other’s impact on the world. It’s this union, far greater than the sum of its parts, that I call the Fifth Wave of Computing. Why the fifth? We�... » read more

Week in Review – IoT, Security, Autos

Products/Services Arm and Swift Navigation will collaborate on providing technology to developers of autonomous vehicles and connected cars. San Francisco-based Swift Navigation, which offers Global Navigation Satellite System positioning technology for AVs, is teaming with the chip design company to offer Swift’s solutions as an option on Arm-based platforms, the companies say. Swift’s St... » read more