Rigorous Correlation Methodology for PCIe 5.0 & PCIe 6.0 DSP Based IBIS-AMI Models

IBIS-AMI models have been around for a decade and evolved to provide off-chip and system designers an efficient way to assess link performance of high-speed electrical interfaces with transceivers implementing various combination of equalization techniques [1]. As with any model, for IBIS-AMI to be useful they need to be benchmarked and carefully correlated to real-world silicon performance of ... » read more

The Data Crisis Is Unfolding — Are We Ready?

The rapid advancement of technology has led to an unprecedented amount of data being generated, captured, and consumed globally. However, this reliance on data comes at a considerable cost. The widespread sharing and processing of data is necessary to navigate our everyday lives. Still, any disruption to this process can have severe consequences, threatening our ability to function as a society... » read more

SRAM In AI: The Future Of Memory

Experts at the Table — Part 1: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about AI and the latest issues in SRAM with Tony Chan Carusone, CTO at Alphawave Semi; Steve Roddy, chief marketing officer at Quadric; and Jongsin Yun, memory technologist at Siemens EDA. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. Part two of this conversation can be found here and part three is here. [L-R]: ... » read more