Telle Whitney Receives IEEE Honorary Membership

On May 17 Telle Whitney received the 2019 IEEE Honorary Membership at the 2019 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) in San Diego for leadership in supporting and promoting women in technology, and for building a highly impactful global organization dedicated to this purpose. Sponsored by IEEE, the grade of Honorary Member is a significant honor bestowed by IEEE a... » read more

DAC 2015 Day 2: Keynotes, Tutorials and More

Walking to DAC, you had to pass the Apple Developers Conference. The line to get in wrapped all the way around the block and there were many peaceful protests directed towards them. Large TV trucks, trucks from CNN, MSNBC and many others lined the streets to hear about new capabilities coming to the group of people who create the Apps for Apple devices. None of them were probably even aware tha... » read more