Will PAYGO Shake Up How We Pay for Chips?

System builders are used to buying integrated circuits on a simple transactional basis — the chip has a price, and that’s what you pay. But some application spaces may have a wide variety of capabilities that need hardware support, and each feature may not be used for every instance. Traditionally, one would design different chips for different feature mixes and price points. But a new p... » read more

Configuring AI Chips

Change is almost constant in AI systems. Vinay Mehta, technical product marketing manager at Flex Logix, talks about the need for flexible architectures to deal with continual modifications in algorithms, more complex convolutions, and unforeseen system interactions, as well as the ability to apply all of this over longer chip lifetimes. Related Dynamically Reconfiguring Logic A differ... » read more

Amazon Fire And The Importance Of Interface Design

The flames have died down a bit from the red-hot coverage of the launch of the Amazon Fire smart phone, but the impact of the announcement lingers for me. Love or hate Amazon (I love the company), you have to tip your hat to CEO Jeff Bezos. He’s redefined smart phone design with this offering and in the process forced our industry to think about how we support system designers like Amazon. ... » read more